Monday, 27 January 2014

Menace of Revealing

"I have something to tell you..", looking to the speakers eyes I waited eagerly to hear that, "but make sure you don't tell it to anybody ok? No one should know it, Understand?!" I nodded in such a way that the speaker is convinced. Good God, didn't ask me to make God Promise, Mother Promise and all other promises in the name of my kith and kin. I believe in these kind of promises for only 2 hours i.e., from the time when the promise is made and till next day I boast as a person who does not believe in all these silly matters ;)
Secret according to me is not only the name of a self help book but about some knowledge whether good or bad known to oneself. The moment you share it, it loses its confidentiality but still with a hope that those who now knew it, can be trusted.
I have my own idea on what to disclose and what not. And that is what we call Freedom of speech.
Secret when shared, to some extent curb this right from you. I believe, we cannot qualify each and everything that we alone discover or known could be categorized to Secret or Confidential or Private.
Certain things like:
I will not tell from where I bought this "Stuff"
          We would not share the information on how we did this

Secret is a kind of behavior, I would say,  that an individual possess being fond at keeping things about oneself or others unknown.
The funny part of such behavior is that majority of people tend to pass it onto others based on trust invoked.

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