Saturday, 18 May 2013

For your Kind Attention - The words when not written or read out, but when Acted!

A subject which I use when sending resumes. Something which we have been hearing during alert announcements at stations, bus stations
At times, people do not say this but do perform 'for the attention'. We say celebrities or would be celebrities appoint PR which is a way to seek attention.
Endorsing brands is an another mode. And now we have social sites which help us a lot to realize that we are attended. See, I am here as blogger (may be), this too is a way that I believe I can share my views which I could not by speaking.
In most of the cases, it is because of our face we win the attention. Every one in the world are born actors, that we can intimate others with our face about our emotions. We can pretend we are weak in front of our colleagues gaining their care or we can act that we are afraid in front of our Boss so that he/she thinks we can be controlled to their will, we can act that we are loyal to a friend by keeping their secrets.
Notifying oneself as throughout year sick person to the spectators around, does not make them feel that they need to have special care on you, instead you are sealed as an owner of weak body.
At times, when we pretend to be scared or dumbo to our seniors it makes them happy and that would be reflected in their activities towards their juniors.
And now when we deal with our so called Friends - which has several suffixes like Best, True , Good, and it goes on. Friends are those who redefined the quote Blood is thicker than water. Though we say that 'I can read your eyes' or mind or whatever, still it is not possible, unless with Sodium pentothal!!! Sometimes our loyal friends gives up the loyalty when it comes to save their own ass. Again which might be of another way to win attention!
I believe that the decision to keep up the trust is a bold step
If you are trustworthy and sincere, then you need not be an attention seeker.