Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Defamation of Gods

Apart from having the imprints of Gods on slippers or on all that your body adores, there are certain other ways which I believe is defaming our very own Gods. At the budding stage itself we implant this feeling that an offering can have your wish accomplished. What does that even mean? We need to make sure that the God is happy with all these deals so  that he will help us fulfilling our dreams/wishes. Why don't these people understand that the power which had created this universe without being influenced by any kind of rewards will continue the magic the same way thereafter!! I hail from a land were majority of the population rely on astrology when things does not happen in their favor. But when things are good I don't think that the people will seek the reason for it. I mean they should know the reason for that as well right? like, how are the planets doing or the Gods feeling when things are all good around.
You buy bunch of candles, bundle of coconuts, bouquet of flowers - all good for the concerned sellers. And recently a new strategy of renovation of places of worships are at a good go. Renovation is good but that doesn't mean the greens around are to be chopped, hide the barren earth with vitrified tiles or polished interlocks!
If God is known as Positive power why should we malign it with our thoughts and activities. All these are kind of practices which tampers my definition of GOD.