Thursday, 11 June 2015

What is it being on 'Lite'r side?!

Are you aware that, there are novel flavour ingredients that boosts our sense called Taste?! We have R&D industries who are dedicated to find flavours that reduce the amount of sugars and salt used in the food products. In short, no sugar added to sweeten, no salt added to savoury, no mint in menthol, no bitter in caffeine but still we enjoy these in their authentic Taste. Such chemicals are known as enhancers which enhances your taste buds without them actually tasting anything.
Through out your age, you might have come across the term Ajinomoto which is the trade name of Mono sodium glutamate or MSG, that its consumption may harm your brain activities or cause other health problems. Let me tell you that MSG is a non essential amino acid which occurs naturally in tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables. These are permitted by FDA and European Union in certain foods at quantitative limits. In one hand we say no to Ajinomoto whereas in other means we help promote these New Flavour Industries who tricks our brain by sensing the taste which isn't really there. These flavour enhancers are developed by proprietary taste receptor- based assay systems. It is a system that provides biochemical and electronic responses when a flavour ingredient interacts with the cultured receptor. These receptors are made from 293 cells derived from a healthy electively aborted foetus over forty years ago which were then harvested and cloned. The industry promote forced abortions for its R&D and have ties with hospitals and they rope in the doctors for the purpose.
Technology advancement is something that every individual on earth look forward to. Experiments were performed only on those lives which did not talk and when you read this, it still is! This need not create rage as it involves human embryos, we never know what animals had in store when they were subjected to such acts.
You are left with longer cooling affect after having menthol products, bitterness stays in your tongue after having a dark chocolate or a good strong cup of coffee, a great umami sensation when consumed snack foods or sauces, no sugar added and so low calorie food and beverages, all these in the absence of actual substances that stimulates your sense. We have now No MSG, less/ no sugar and Low sodium products available which helps to take care of our health with the help of these enhancers. These chemicals will not be separately listed on ingredient labels instead will be clubbed along with the broad category called artificial flavours.
In short, have real foods and if to enhance the taste use the herbs and spices which Nature has in store for you. Learn to enjoy even the taste of grass for that its flavour is doing justice to your sense and so to your brain.