Saturday, 6 October 2012

R Women Really aggravated by Alcoholic Men?!!

Drinking, Smoking and being in an affair is always a sin even though not to the one(s) involved; even if with hundreds of Justifications. The first two are categorized under bad habits were the latter a tongue-tied deed. Many of the matrimonial sites sell the option Habits were these columns are either left blank or being filled as “No Drinking and Smoking” or the most common phrase  “Occasionally” as preferred by the Girl and Girls family!

It is the health awareness or the post activities related to alcohol consumption that annoys female gender the most and the ultimate one when the world around recites on the negatives of the person to their loved ones. What else could be! Yes, What other people will think of!!!?But why men risk themselves? It is not that they ain’t conscious of it?!All right, this statement has purely been an orthodox one as women also boozes. I am here stating about the ordinary family were women does not drink as they think it is not healthy or a good habit. In such case women are the victims of the men’s hang overs. Alcohol is a medium to express both happiness and sorrow according to their excuses. Most common- “It is Friday,weekend!!, My wife is pregnant, my sister had a baby, My daughter is in love, I am getting engaged, I broke up, It is my, your, their Birthday where’s/are the bottle/s??!!, I own a car/house so treating me, you and all with the processed Ethanol! These are only excuses they make fearing that they may lose their position in their loved one’s heart. But there are others sole consumers who had made it as a routine with no reason - an addiction. Never have a reason, being adviced by all around but still fails to take off their hands off the drinking Glass.
(To be continued..)

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